Adrian Moore: Music programme notes and short biography. Some pictures are available in this folder
My work is published by Empreintes Digitales
Traces, Reve de L'aube and Contrechamps are currently available

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[Counterattack(2014) - 7.1 - duration 14:58]
Sequel to..The Battle

  • The second half of the work (mp3 - 16Mb)
  • Soon to be released on Empreintes DIGITALes alongside The Battle, Nebula Sequence, and Strings and Tropes
[The Battle (2013) - 5.1 - duration 14:24]
Abstract with programmatic viewpoint

[The Wolf's Glen (2012) - stereo - duration 6:20]
concert work from sounds composed in collaboration with Juxtavoices

[Strings and Tropes (2012) - stereo - duration 22:23]
concert work from 2011 Wet Sounds performance

[Nebula Sequence (2012) - 5.1 and stereo - duration 19:43]
made at VICC, Gotland in April 2012

Tapeworm (2011) - stereo - duration approx 17:00]
first performed North Woodside Pool, Glasgow on 20th February 2011

  • reworked to Strings and Tropes.
[Click (2011) - stereo - duration 6:14]
[fields of darkness and light (2010) - violin and triggers - duration 10:00]
[Sustain (2009) - stereo - duration 14:00]
[Surface (2008) - 7.1 - duration 15:32]

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[3 Pieces - 5.1]
[3 Pieces: Horn + bio]
Excerpt (montage of all three pieces: 2:30)
Stereo mix of 3Pieces: Horn

Short paper discussing techniques used.
[Rococo Variations - 5.1]
[Dreaming of the Dawn - stereo] available on - Reve l'aube Complete work (mp3)
[Power Tools - stereo] available on - Reve de l'aube
[Resonant Image - AV] complete work (70Mb .flv)
[Riverrun - 2:00 electroclip] Complete work (mp3)
[Piano Piece (for Peter] available on - Reve de l'aube Score and files
[Sea of Singularity - stereo] available on - Reve de l'aube
Becalmed (movement1) available on Presence III
Excerpt [Still Life (as we know it)(mp3)]
stereo mix available at RER megacop
for multichannel version please email me
[Out there and Beyond] available from Lovebytes
[Soundbodies: bodypart]
Soundbodies: bodypart available on Presence II
[SuperStrings] available from SEAMUS
[Junky] available on - Traces Complete work (mp3)
[Dreamarena] available on - Traces
[Study In Ink] available on - Traces Complete work (mp3)
[Foil-Counterfoil] available on - Traces
[Sieve] available on - Traces
[Early work - (1/v)^t for violin and tape]
[Early work - Requiem] Complete work (mp3 - 27:00 45Mb)
[Withdrawn from PhD - Mirror within] Complete work (mp3 - 12:00 21.6Mb)
[Feeling really brave? Try the] back catalogue, MA and prior to PhD early 90s