New Research page. Current and forthcoming projects include:

  • ‘How many sounds’ project: Concert piece ‘Inside and out…again’. Investigating sonic complexity and multi-channel composition.
  • ‘Metricity’ project: investigating pulse and pattern in electroacoustic music.
  • Returning to the ‘Fractured Acousmatic’: Testing the composition/performance boundaries of electroacoustic music by combining pre-composed materials, samples and diffusion at performance time.

The Fractured Acousmatic: the beginning…

  • (Future: 2018) Electroacoustic opera based around artificial intelligence and the human condition.

Some texts from past research (used to be hosted at

A. Moore, D. Moore, J. Mooney (2004) ‘M2 Diffusion – The live diffusion of sound in space’. Proceedings of the International Conference on Music and Computers (ICMC), Miami, USA. 317-320.

A short paper on improvising with electroacoustic materials

A. Moore (2008) ‘Fracturing the Acousmatic: Merging improvisation with disassembled acousmatic music’. Proceedings of the International Conference on Music and Computers (ICMC), Belfast.

A. Moore (2013) `The Fractured Acousmatic in performance: a method for sound diffusion with pre-composed materials‘. EMS2013, Lisbon.

Moore, A., and Moore D., (2008) ‘Adapting to change: working with digital sound using open source software in a teaching and learning environment‘, Journal of Music, Technology and Education, Vol1.2/3, pp113-120

A Review of Understanding the Art of Sound Organization by Leigh Landy

History and Archival: the pitfalls of storage. A brief paper on preservation and documentation in electroacoustic music. Given at Cite de la Musique Paris, November 2009.

Knowledge and Experience in Electroacoustic Music: where is the common ground?

Acousmatic Composition under Version Control: towards a neutral trace. Paper given at SEAMUS 2011, Miami.