Performance history and events

For a very thorough listing try Électroprésence

Inside and out…again, Counterattack at Auditorium Abel Dubois, RTBF Mons, June 2019

Inside and out…again, Study in Ink, Counterattack, Junky at Ionian Acadmey, Corfu, May 2019

Junky at Sound Junction, Sheffield, April 2019

The Wolf’s Glen at Festival de Musica Electroacoustica, Chile, April 2019

The Wolf’s Glen at CMS Sonic Lab, Linz, Austria, March 2019

Inside and out…again, Study in Ink, Counterattack at Leicester DMU, March 2019

The Wolf’s Glen at l’espace du son, Brussels, October 2018

Counterattack at Sound Junction, Sheffield, April 2018

Nebula Sequence at Gotland’s Konstmuseum, Visby, Sweden, 27 January 2018

Adrian Moore: live at Skaiv, Visby (Sweden), 20 January 2018

Inside and out…again + Metricity at Pontio: The Arts and Innovation Centre, Bangor, 2nd November

Metricity at Matera, Italy, 5 December 2017 as part of

Fields of Darkness and Light September 15, 2017: Bowling Green State University, Ohio. Read a review from the Toledo performance here. This concluded the 5 year anniversary of the  Klingler ElectroAcoustic Residency in Bowling Green. Ohio.

Inside and out…again. June 29, 2017: Hull (Sound and Environment concert 2)

Metricity (World premiere) May 6th, 2017: Sheffield (Sound Junction May2017). Next performance, December 2017 as part of in Matera, Italy.

Nebula Sequence. March 14, 2017: Coventry (INTIME)

Junky. February 1, 2017: Birmingham

Inside and out…again. December 17, 2016: Italy

Inside and out…again. November 26, 2016: Sheffield

Inside and out…again. November 9, 2016: Mexico

Klingler ElectroAcoustic Residency recipient for Fall 2016 – KEAR, Bowling Green State University, Ohio. October/November 2016.

Inside and out…again. October 19, 2016: Brussels

Sea of Singularity: Becalmed / Mutiny on the Bounty. October 7, 2016: Birmingham 

Premiere of Inside and out…again. May 28, 2016: Lisbon – Musica Viva

The Wolf’s Glen. May 13, 2016: Sheffield – Sound Junction

Counterattack. April 30, 2016: Birmingham – BEAST Feast

The Wolf’s Glen. 24th February 2016, Brussels

Counterattack. 27th January 2016, Leeds.

Counterattack. 22nd January 2016, York.

Counterattack. November 6, Brazil. The third edition of the International Festival Composers of Today at the CCJF [Cultural Center – Federal Justice] in the center of Rio de Janeiro.

Counterattack. September 25, 2015, Lyric Theatre, UNT. (ICMC2015) – see for a comprehensive listing of worldwide events.

Solo concerts and talks at Birmingham Conservatoire 12/13 October 2015

  • Oct12: Horacio Vaggione, Points Critiques; Stéphane Roy, Crystal Music; François Bayle, Tremblement de terre très doux; Beatriz Ferreyra, Murmureln. (Sound Diffusion: Adrian Moore)
  • Oct13: Moore, Fields of Darkness and Light (Sarah Farmer, violin); Adam Stansbie, Foundry Flux; Moore, The Battle; Moore, Counterattack.

December 10, 2015: Électrochoc no.3, Montreal.

The EMS2015 conference took place in June 2015. Thanks to all that came and made it such a wonderful event.
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Electroacoustic Music Studies Conference: Sheffield.
Electroacoustic Music Studies Conference: Sheffield.